Association Management

Ridgway Lane and Associates is the largest and most experienced provider of homeowner association (HOA) management in Mississippi. Selecting Ridgway Lane assures qualified, experienced, and professional management for your association.

Our expertise, the dedication of our staff, depth of resources, and attention to detail set us apart from all others. We develop management relationships only with those associations to which we can commit a superlative level of service.
Our service matrix is built off business principles and then adapted to an HOA environment. This approach has produced exciting results for the communities that have selected Ridgway Lane and Associates as their association management partner.
Your Board and owners will be assured that they will not just be one of many, but rather a significant client that will receive personal attention. As your Managing Agent, Ridgway Lane will listen to your goals and objectives, then apply a customized property management program designed to protect quality of life, enhance property values and ensure the long-term health of your association.
Listed below are the services that we provide our HOA clients:
Management of Association Documents
Hiring, Training and Management of Onsite Staff
Preventive Maintenance Planning
Transitioning Administration from Developer to Association
Website Development and Administration*
24/365 Emergency Service
Response to Customer Service Requests and Inquiries from Homeowners
Board and Committees
Coordination of Board and Committee Meeting Schedules
Development of Meeting Agenda and Supporting Documents
Preparation of Board Minutes*
Board Orientation
Committee Support
Attendance at Meetings of the Board of Directors
Attendance at Annual Meeting of Association Homeowners
Coordination of Elections and Proxies
Financial Management
Billing, Collection and Depositing of Homeowner Assessments
Development and Implementation of Late Fee Policies
Coordination of Special Assessments
Review and Payment of all Association Invoices
Reconciliation and Oversight of all Association Accounts (Operating,
 Reserve, and Investment)
Development of Annual Budget
Preparation of Monthly and Annual Financial Reports and Statements
Preparation of 1099 and 1096 Forms
Schedule Preparation of Annual Tax Returns and Audit
Reserve Fund Analysis
Insurance and Legal
Review and Management of Insurance Coverage
Coordination of Certificates of Insurance
Review and Preparation of Modifications to Governing Documents, as needed
Contracting of Legal Services, as needed
Monitoring of Association Real Estate Taxes
Frequent Onsite Property Inspections
Development of Specifications for Repair and Maintenance Work
Vendor Selection
Contract Management
Planning and Management of Capital Improvement Projects*
Utility Monitoring

Emergency and Safety Planning

*for an additional charge

Please contact David L Lane, CPM®, to further discuss your association’s needs at 601-936-9910